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What is Tribech Sol all about?

Since 2010 Tribech Solutions (Pvt) Ltd has focused on developing and maintaining custom software solutions for small enterprises to big conglomerates. With increased efficiency, we established a diversified client base across the globe – we worked with 100+ companies, 600+ happy clients, and delivered 1000+ projects. 95% of our business patrons return for a second engagement. Find out more details on our About Us page.

How you stand out the market competition?

Our professional integrity, solid work ethics, and take-a-dare aptitude raises us above our peers. Our friendly, candid, and professional team of IT, business and marketing experts take collective responsibility of every single venture. We have demonstrated our capabilities to consistently provide IT products and services that meet clients and regulatory requirements. We are adding good-paying IT jobs to our local community.

What’s the timeline to start a new project?

It all depends on project nature and scope of work. However, usually, the pre-project evaluation and documentation take 1-2 weeks. Our design and planning phase takes 2-3 weeks. We initiate development after that.

Do you provide post-development support?

Yes, we engage our dedicated software engineers to keep your product in shape. We quickly respond to clients’ needs, address their concerns about bug-tracking and fixing. Moreover, we provide ongoing support for our designed software solutions based on product license. We also handle proposed feature enhancements and developments.

Do you outsource IT services?

Yes, we do. You can hire our dedicated resources who will work only for you. You can engage an individual or the entire team on hourly, part-time or full-time contract basis whatever suits you.

What’s the typical team size?

For each project, typical team size is 2-3 developers depending on the project scope, workload and timeline for deliverables. Each development team is supported by UI/UX designers, QA engineers, project coordinators, and more developers if required. These sharing support resources for each project helps us accelerate the completion process with reduced costs for the clients.